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Hock Leong Shipping Sdn Bhd

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About Us:


Hock Leong Shipping Sdn Bhd was established in November 1980 by Peter Hong & Thomas Hou. Since then, it has developed into a respected and knowledgeable professional service shipping agent with over 26 years of experience in the East Malaysia coastal trade.


We pride ourselves in having the technical know-how as well as human resources to be able to provide a wide range of scheduled liner and shipping services from ships chartering, containerise services to bulk cargo and other conventional services.

Our company is run by an honest and committed management and a team of round-the- clock staff that possess a spirit of tenacious ambition and good teamwork a main reason behind the company's growth and success.


Our Vision: To be a key player in the shipping services industry in Malaysia


Our Mission: To serve our customers with our professional capabilities and expertise by placing their needs and satisfaction as top priority.